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Idle Hands

One night last week Jade and I were bored.  It’s been said that idle hands are the devil’s playground, but for me boredom sparks creativity and inspiration.  Model + Photographer + empty studio = playtime.  

Lately I’ve been making an effort to re-discover the photography that inspired me in the first place - the works of Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon, and Helmut Newton all have one common denominator: iconic imagery that is classic and simple.  You can take any of the images in their archive, publish it in any fashion magazine today and it would still be relevant.  That is something that I strive for and hope to one day be able to achieve.  

After experimenting with a couple of lighting scenarios, I decided to use just two lights; one diffused 7” reflector to light the background, and a diffused Elinchrom Octabank off to the side for the key.  I wanted to get back to the basics of light and shadow and focus on the placement of my transitions from lights to dark in an interesting but beautiful way.  The Elinchrom Octabank is just so versatile and there are literally a bajillion ways you can utilize it.  I wanted to work on exploring it’s subtleties as a single light source on my subject.

I shot these on a Canon 5D with an 85mm 1.8, bouncing around between F5.6 and F8.  We shot less than 8GB worth of stuff, and I’m finding more and more that I tend to not shoot as many frames as I used to, really just slowing down and aiming to get the shots I really want, much like I did when I used to shoot film.

My work is constantly in a state of flux, and I think this type of direction is going to be more prevalent in the near future for myself.   

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